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Founded in February 1983 by Myriam & Prosper Abitbol, Jeanne z"l & Sam Toledano, Radio Kol Hachalom (i.e. «the Voice of Peace», in Hebrew) is the Jewish radio of Grenoble. Working for the Jewish community of the city since its creation, but completely independent within many local jewish associations, RKH defends the Judaism and Israel in particular vis-a-vis with the misinformation or the undeniable bias of large number of the Western media... Our station also tries to denounce all the failures with the Humans right which worry us at the highest point, and we do not want to be a «ghetto» radio operator, opening indeed largely on the life of the city: political and cultural life of the area in particular...

As an Associative radio, Radio Kol Hachalom diffuses few commercials and is living primarily with subsidies and gifts. It is still one of the rare FM radio stations where volunteers are at «work», guided by their passion and their militancy, but with an increasing professionalism. If the production of magazines (cultural, religious, political) has a big part in our programs, the music constitutes also one of our specificities: of course from Israel but also from California and France! Without omitting the young «musics»which have their many faithful listeners (Dance and Hip-Hop) We diffuse also many programs from the other Jewish radios of France (news of the Parisian Jewish frequency in particular) and of Kol Israel (the Israeli national radio station) ; these exchanges are bilateral, our emissions being also taken again by other Jewish radio. Radio Kol Hachalom remains one of rare Grenoble' FM radios ensuring at the same time a cover of the cultural actuality (collaboration with all the local theatres, cinemas, museums... during the weekly "magazine of arts") and politics (we receive all the republican elected officials of the area and in particular we realized for all the campaignes many special emissions of debates and interviews also relayed by regional television...)

Broadcasting since its beginnings on the 100 MHz FM and since spring 1986 in stereophony, Radio Kol Hachalom wants to be the proof that «the difference between the ears» can also exist at a local level.

In 1999, RKH is indeed:
·the first Jewish radio of province, in France, to propose a complete Internet site (here you are !: -), allowing us to establish contacts with interlocutors of the whole world
·the first Jewish radio of France to have computerized and digitized its antenna and its productions (creations of CD, musical diffusion computer-assisted...)
·a small bonded and powerful team of 20 voluntary (including its two leaders) and of one permanent employee, evolving since years (nearly 15 years for some) in the Jewish radiophonic medium
·an evaluated audience with approximately 10000 listeners/quart of hour, of all horizons, well beyond the only local Jewish community - which counts less than 7000 people -, located on a radius of 40 km around Grenoble, also including many winter sports resorts. Our public-target aims at the 25-40 years in priority.

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